Drag Checker

This product is a dedicated precision instrument for measuring the line tension and drag brake force of the fishing reel. The drag checker makes the drag setup easy and quick.

Until now, there had been only two ways to manage the drag setting.  Use anglers’ senses according to experience and intuition or measure using a spring balance.  By the former setting, the value changes each time because it is not the numeric information.  Though the measurement is numeric, using spring balance is very inconvenient because it takes more than two people and a wide space.  Being different from above cases, Drag Checker enables us to measure as precise number at any point of line by oneself.  Because it has “a recording system” to show the measured value, the drag force can be checked even while fishing by a single person easily.  Since the drag checker can be used even after throwing a rig in, it became possible to set drag depending on the change of the line amount left on a reel.  The ideal drag setting depends on a tackle balance or individual fishing style.  Drag Checker is the world-first tool to express drag function in numerical form and  to maximize the performance of angler.